GTC 80

Technical Specifications

Swing Over Bed mm 400
Std Turning Dia. mm 80
Max. Turning Dia. With Limited Length mm 120
Max. Turning Length mm 200
Cross (X Axis) Travel mm 280
Longitudinal (Z Axis) Travel mm 200
Rapid (X & Z Axis) m/min 25
Z-Axis Ball Screw mm Dia.25 x 10 pitch
LM Guide Z Axis mm 25
X-Axis Ball Screw mm Dia 25 x 10 pitch
LM Guide X-Axis mm 25
Spindle Motor Power (30 Min./Cont) kW Siemens 3.7/5.5
Spindle Bore mm 40
Spindle Nose A2~4
Chuck Size mm 135
Max. Bar Capacity mm 28
Spindle Speed Range RPM 50-4000
Full Power Speed Range RPM 1000-4000
Spindle Inner Size mm MT-5
Tool Block
No. of Tool For Std. Job Dia. Range 3
Max. Boring Bar Diameter mm Ø 32
Tool Size (Cross – Section) mm 20 x 20
Positioning Accuracy mm 0.010
Repeatability mm 0.006
Other Data
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2000 x 1475 x 1975
Weight (Approx.) kg 1850

Standard Accessories

  • Siemens 808D (PPU 151 / PPU 161) / 828D Basic T CNCController
  • AC Servo AxisDrive
  • Ac Servo motors on allaxis
  • X axis withservobrakes
  • 3 Jaw power operated high speed hollow chuck (φ135 mm, Airtechmake)
  • High Precision C3 Class ball screws on X/Zaxis
  • High Precision Ball Type LM Guide ways on X/ZAxis
  • MPG Box (OP Mounted)
  • Full splashguard
  • Coolant tank with chiptray
  • Automatic Oil lubricationsystem
  • Coolant nozzles around thespindle
  • Panel air conditioner for electrical cabinet (Siemens 828 )
  • Panel Fan (PPU 151 or 161) (Siemens 808)
  • Operation status light &worklamp
  • Basic Hydraulicsystem
  • Tool box,levelingpads
  • Set of sleeves for boring barholder

Optional Accessories

  • Voltage stabilizer (10 KVA) (Input Voltage range :300V – 460V AC)
  • Job Air Gap Sensing System (SMC Make Component)
  • 3 Jaw power operated hollow chuck (φ165mm, Airtech make) in lieu of standard
  • 4 Jaw power operated hollow chuck (φ165 mm, Airtech make) in lieu of standard
  • A_25 Collet fit well make
  • Bar feeder magazine type (QF-12) FAR make.
    Length: 1200mm and bar diameter: 6-28 mm.
    (Nylon bushes for one size is included)
  • Extra 01 No. Boring Tool Holder
  • Extra 01 No. Axial Tool Holder
  • Extra Set of Sleeve

Control System Accessories

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